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Once it reaches its designated port, the shipment needs to be cleared through Customs and US Fish & Wildlife.  You can go down personally and clear your shipment, but it is highly recommended that you use a broker agent to do this.   Brokers do charge fees, so this is an extra cost but from my experience it is well worth it.  In talking to clients that have cleared shipments themselves, a lot have said looking back they wished they used a broker.  Brokers are experienced with all the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of the Customs process and basically remove any stress that can sometimes be involved.

These agents will take care of the whole clearing process for you and then organize the forwarding of your shipment to your Taxidermist / Tannery.  Most of them will get you to sign a Power of Attorney so that they can act on your behalf.

Often your Taxidermist / Tannery will have brokers that they can recommend or have used.  If not, please refer to the Broker Contacts.  They will be able to talk you through the process and advise of the costs involved.  In making your broker decision, you should bear in mind that broker fees can vary between companies.

It is important to note that the New Zealand Expediters fee covers all of the expediting process, freight from my depot in Taupo up to Auckland International Airport and then the shipping to the Designated Port.  Once it reaches the Overseas Port all Brokerage/Custom clearance fees, handling and freight forwarding of your shipment is payable at your end.


All shipments being exported that contain un-finished wildlife must be sent through a Designated US Fish & Wildlife Port.  

Your shipment must be consigned to a Registered USDA Approved Facility such as a Taxidermist or Tannery; trophies cannot be sent to your home address. Therefore, it is very important that we have the details of your preferred Taxidermist / Tannery.   The shipment will be sent to the Port that is closest to the facility you are using.

Designated US Ports for Wildlife:


Los Angeles 

San Francisco









Dallas Fort Worth


New Orleans



New York






When I have completed your shipment and the final bill has been paid, your shipment will be sent from my depot in Taupo up to Auckland International Airport.  Once it is there it will be weighed and booked on a flight to your nominated Port.  My Shipping company  GVI Logistics Ltd will contact all parties involved, such as your broker, taxidermist / tannery and yourself via email with flight details when it is ready to leave.  It usually takes 5 – 7 days to reach the Port.



There is a minimum charge of 1m3; we do not send any shipments sea freight if it is under this size.  There are a couple of points to remember when considering Sea freight.  It may appear to be cheaper, but there are extra port/terminal charges that will be incurred.  Also the shipment must go via Los Angeles and be cleared there before it can continue onto your nominated port.  These factors may actually make the final bill quite similar to air freight.  Then there is the obvious fact that the shipping time is longer – roughly 45 days.   Therefore, instead of receiving your trophies within 12 weeks, you would be looking at more like 18 weeks with this option.

For Freight pricing, please refer to Pricing.



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