Expediting Process

Once you have completed your hunt, you must fill out an Expediting form which has all the details that is required.  The Outfitter / Safari Park that you choose to hunt with has these forms and will provide you with them to complete before you go home. 

When I have received your trophies, I will send you an introduction email stating the trophies you have harvested and confirming all your details.  This is the time for you to confirm with me that the details I have are correct and provide me with any additional information that I may require.

Then the processing of your trophies starts.  This involves head skin prepping, fleshing and salting of skins and boiling and cleaning of antlers. Your skins will be sent dry-salted and can be tanned by your taxidermist or tannery when they receive them.

During this time, I organize all the appropriate paperwork.  I apply for a Certificate of Export permit from our Department of Conservation and do all of the shipping and freight documents.  Once I have your trophies ready I make up a plywood box to send them in.

I will advise you when I have completed your trophies and will send you an invoice, which I will charge to the credit card you supply me with.  Once I have received payment, your crate will be sent to Auckland International Airport and it will be booked on a flight through our shipping company GVI Logistics Ltd.

Your shipment will be sent to a Designated US Fish & Wildlife Port that is closest to your Taxidermist / Tannery.  Once it reaches here, it will need to be cleared through Customs.  It is highly recommended that you use a broker to do this.  For more information on brokers and the shipping process please refer to the Brokerage & Freight. 

The whole process from when I receive your trophies until they are shipped to the nearest Designated US Fish & Wildlife Port can take up to 12 weeks.

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